Slaughter of animals for human consumption


Best practices, guidelines and recommendations on slaughtering of animal for human consumption from OIE Member countries and OIE partners are made available on this page to facilitate the implementation of the OIE Standards on animal welfare.

All training materials developed under the OIE Improved Animal Welfare Program (IAWP) and adapted for the needs of the 'Train the Trainers' Workshops on animal welfare during transport and slaughter (for Russian speaking countries) are available in English and Russian language:

1. Introduction to the Train the Trainers Workshops on animal welfare during transport and slaughter;

2. Behavior of animals;

3. Handling principles;

4. Transport to the slaughterhouse;

5. At the arrival to the slaughterhouse;

6. Restrain prior stunning and mechanical stunning of cattle;

7. Key principles in bleeding of cattle;

8. Restrain, electrical stunning and bleeding of sheep and pigs;

9. Mechanical stunning of pigs and sheep and gas stunning/killing of pigs;

10. Restrain and bleeding in slaughter without stunning;

11. Animal welfare and meat quality;

Technical Notes on welfare of red meat species in pre-slaughter and slaughter is a key document summarizing detailed information available on each of the abovementioned 11 topics. 


Following documents on slaughter of animals could be also consulted:

Slaughterhouse modernization Manual - developed by 'Eyes on Animals'

We are therefore encouraging all OIE Delegates, supported by their OIE National Focal Points and OIE partners organisations to share with the Platform Secretariat (by e-mail: any best practices in one of the 3 OIE official languages (English, French and Spanish) which are in line with the OIE Standards on animal welfare and help their implementation. 


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