OIE ‘Train the Trainers’ Regional Workshops on animal welfare

during transport and slaughter in Tbilisi, Georgia



Five countries including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine attended the First Session of the OIE 'ToT' Regional Workshop on animal welfare during transport and slaughter organized in Tbilisi, Georgia on 17-20 March 2015. Participating countries were represented by two experts: the OIE National Focal Point on Animal Welfare and an official veterinarian in charge of slaughterhouse inspection, nominated by the OIE Delegate.

Based on the OIE IAWP training methodology the ToT Workshop on animal welfare during transport and slaughter in Georgia was adapted to cope with the regional dimension and to the context prevailing in Russian-speaking countries. This specific ToT Workshop is composed of three sequential and consecutive sessions:

The First training session familiarizes participants with best practices during transport, pre-slaughter and slaughter stages in conformity with OIE standards on transport of animals by land (chapter 7.3 of the TAHC) and slaughter (chapter 7.5 of the TAHC) and allows them to visit transport facilities, cattle and pig slaughterhouses in Georgia.

The Second training session is more practical and provides participants the opportunity to develop their own training materials based on learned during the First session and present it to the group. Each participant's presentation is video recorded and later on analyzed in details by the key speaker and other participants. This session allows participants to train their training skills by presenting to public and meantime to become more familiar with all specific topics included in the agenda of the First session.

The Third training session is an official conference enabling participants trained during previous two sessions to present selected topics to the general public, inviting 2 more participants from each of the five countries, coming from different field dealing with animal welfare during transport and slaughter including veterinary academia, industry, NGO and other.

Agenda of the First ToT Session on 17-20 March 2015 (...)

Agenda of the Second ToT Session on 20-24 April 2015 (...)

Agenda of the Third ToT Session on 21-22 May 2015 (...) 

ToT training materials and Technical notes are available under 'Best practices' / 'Slaughter for human consumption' menu


Pictures from the class room training in March 



Pictures from visits of transport facilities and slaughterhouses in March


Pictures from the practical session on development of own training materials in April


Pictures from the Third Session - 'Stakeholders Workshop' held in May